SoC as a Service

Modcomm is an enterprise founded at early 2005 with the obtectives of give technology services its started on the caribbean. Modcomm adapt in the last years our goals to cover IT Security company, focused on communications and IT technologies, specialised in Security and Cloud Services solutions with high added value.

Now Modcomm its transformed to an international bussines developing projects on Caribbean, US and Europe.

Incident Management and Response

Depending on the extent, sophistication and risk potential of an attack your response may be a combination of a variety of resources, whether that means technical investigation, containment or recovery.

What is Security Orchestration?

Demisto´s orchestration enables security teams to ingest alerts across sources and execute standardized, automatable playbooks for accelerated incident response

Optimizing Detection and Response for the SOC

Once these strategies are implemented, the key is the task to distribute security resources more effectively and efficiently is simplified. Modcomm´s Technology orchestration is our response.


Managed Security Services (MSSs) are defined as the remote monitoring or management of IT security functions delivered via shared services from remote security operations centers, not through personnel on site. Therefore, it doesn´t include staff argumentation, consulting, or development and integration services.
MSSs include monitored/managed firewalls or intrusion prevention/detection systems; unified threat management technology; managed security gateways for messaging or Web traffic; security analysis and reporting of events collected from IT infrastructure logs; reporting associated with monitored/managed devices and incident .


A operations center (SOC) provides centralized and consolidated cybersecurity incident, prevention, detection, and response capabilities. Our value added is provide it as a service. Which is your model?

  • Virtual SOC
  • Multifunction SOC/NOC
  • Co-managed SOC
  • Dedicated SOC
  • Command SOC


Modcomm Security Services are a combination of expert knowledge, tools and innovative technologies provided by a team of security professionals with extensive experience to organizations of any kind, in 24×7 mode.

Our metodology to Transform SOCs’ effectiveness and efficiency by detecting threats that typically fall under the radar. 

THE POWER TO DETECT THE UNKNOWN. Modcomm´s technology detects and clusters all internal (e.g. users, devices) and external (e.g. domains, IPs, C&C servers, drop points) entities involved in communications in a compromised network.

Modcomm´s Autonomous Investigation technology is based on unsupervised and supervised machine learning to analyze traffic for detecting complex and stealthy threats.